2018 Two Worlds Summer Program at OC Music & Dance

The 2018 Two Worlds Summer Program culminated in a powerful and emotional evening, that showcased inclusion, empowerment and achievement.

"We were-- and still are-- humbled by these children's' ability to transcend their physical limitations through movement. Together, they have truly built a community and family with one another. Their courage, grace, and talent are an inspiration to all! " - Josh Berger, Director of Development, Freedom Writers Foundation

2017 Two Worlds Summer Program at OC Music & Dance

Over the summer of 2017, dozens of middle and high school deaf, hard of hearing and hearing students participated in the Two Worlds Summer Program through generous scholarships donated by OC Music & Dance.

This special program utilizes the "Damti Method", a unique curriculum intended to enhance communications and collaboration between deaf, hard of hearing and hearing students in a positive, inclusive and supportive environment. 

Two Worlds Dance Summer Program at Taft Elementary School

With generous support from OC Music & Dance, Two Worlds Dance has completed a 4-week program at Taft Elementary School in Santa Ana. 

Jill and Amnon Damti worked with deaf, hard of hearing and special needs students utilizing the "Damti Method",  a unique philosophy developed by them, that promotes inclusive communication and collaboration through movement and dance, in a positive and supportive environment.

The program culminated in a special performance attended by many families.

Bach's Air on G String with the Pacific Symphony

How does a deaf person learn to dance to a new piece of music?  

In 2017, Two Worlds Dance were invited to perform with the Pacific Symphony to the sound of the beautiful Air on G String by Johann Sebastian Bach. 

Mitch Sims of the Amadeus Music Academy in Vienna helped Amnon Damti, who is profoundly deaf from birth, feel and interpret the music.  The result, as you can see, was an incredible piece.

Esme - Special Memories

Esme crossed paths with Amnon Damti 30 years ago.  A young deaf girl with Cerebral Palsy, she dreamed of dancing on stage. She was told that was just not possible. 

Amnon saw things differently. Being profoundly deaf, he too was told that he could never dance.  He proceeded to choreograph a unique dance that Esme performed and never forgot about. 

Recently, Esme and her family were able to be reunited with Jill & Amnon at the ‘Artists in Residence’ Performance, dancing  with them once again.