Two Worlds Dance Board Members

Chuck Feingold, Chairman of the Board


Chuck is the founding partner of Panorama Ventures (2010), a private equity fund investing in start up and stage two companies. 

In 1992, Chuck co-founded Valor Computerized Systems Ltd., Israel,  globally recognized as one of the leading software solution providers in the electronics industry.  He remained with Valor until its acquisition by Mentor Graphics (NASDAQ).

Chuck studied Industrial Engineering at Beer Sheva and Tel Aviv Universities in Israel, and is a graduate of the 1992 Executive Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has been a guest speaker at the UCI Merage School of Business Executive Program, and the MBA program at Long Beach University, CA.

Michael Katz, Secretary


Michael is a poet and an attorney living in Orange County.  His first book of poetry, No Turning Back, explores the possibilities and limits of human connection and what is enduring in in the human experience.  

Michael is dedicated to the notion that the arts are central to our sense of identity as individuals and as a people. 

His family members include a ballerina, an actress, and a young pianist. 

His experience of art, and dance in particular, has made him profoundly aware of its potential as a medium to bridge understandings and forge connections between disabled and enabled individuals and communities. This endeavor, at the root of the Two Worlds Dance Foundation, cuts across cultures, ethnicities, religion, party affiliation and other identities.  

Michelle Duman, Director of Community Relations and Engagement


Michelle comes with years of experience in the direction of Community Relations and Business Development.

She served as a business consultant and liaison for businesses, municipalities, and nonprofits to develop economic growth in Orange County, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Region and various others cities throughout California with an emphasis on providing opportunity to underserved communities.

Michelle developed and implemented academic arts and cultural programs for special education programs, facilitators and teachers of students with developmental and or psychosocial needs to improve behavior, communication, social skills, and academic performance. 

Michelle is educated in Human Services with emphasis in Education and Mental Health. With Majors in Communicative Disorders, Diseases, Speech Language and Pathology

She has been elected as a California Assembly Delegate, Director of Strategic Community Partnerships, Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, Past President, National Latina Business Women Association Orange County and a long list of impressive additional responsibilities.

Dassie Feingold, Finance Chair


Dassie was born in New York City and grew up in Israel, studying Speech & Hearing Pathology at Tel Aviv University. While serving in the Israeli army she met her husband Chuck.  

Dassie helped found Valor Computerized Systems, Inc. in 1992 and held various positions until 2010, retiring as Global CRM Manager as well as U.S. Operations Manager. 

Dassie is a founding member of SARAH, Spiritual and Religious Alliance for Hope, a women’s organization dedicated to building bridges and harmony between cultural and religious groups. 

She is a passionate fan of performing arts, including music, theater, and dance in all its varieties.