Successful 2018 Summer for Two Worlds Dance


Last summer, Two Worlds Dance continued to develop and expand their mission of inclusion. Programs we participated in:

  • Two Worlds Dance Summer Program.  Dozens of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing children participated in two sessions, which culminated in a powerful and emotional evening that showcased inclusion, empowerment and achievement.
  • A special workshop at a facility which houses children who have been separated from their parents at the border, and others that fled horrific circumstances and came to the US by themselves.  For a short while, Jill and Amnon were able to transform their harsh and tragic reality into joy and peace. At the end of the performance, they placed their hands over their faces as they closed their eyes and repeated the word "Shalom" (Peace in Hebrew). 
  • Jill and Amnon were invited to participate in a 5-day training program at The Freedom Writers Teachers Institute together with Israeli and Palestinian teachers.  They had the honor to share their unique message of inclusion and collaboration with the staff and participants.
  • During the 2018 Maccabi Games, Jill and Amnon conducted a workshop, attended by almost 150 young dancers from all over the world.
  • Two Worlds Dance conducted a workshop at Alcott Elementary School in San Diego attended by  50 deaf and special needs ages 3-11 year.  According to the program director only Jill and Amnon could hold this group's attention for an hour with their engaging movement and dance,  observing each child's special need.  It was truly magical.

Summer program 2018