Two Worlds - Ambassadors of Culture and Acceptance

From Russia to Africa, sometimes with heartbreak, but mostly with hope, Jill and Amnon brought their special message of inclusiveness, acceptance, Shalom (peace) and love.

A two week tour that started in Izhevsk, Russia at the 2nd International Paradelphic Games, an inclusive competition for people with disabilities in various fields of performing arts, was followed by an extensive trip to Africa.

Throughout Uganda, Kenya, Ghana and Senegal Two Worlds had dozens of performances and workshops at schools, orphanages, shelters and organizations cultivating aspiring artists, and met with some extremely dedicated people and amazingly resilient children and young adults.  

"in just 40 minutes of your performance, you changed these children's life and gave them confidence that everything is possible!"  - Minister Drake, founder of Bussi Island Orphanage

See below some of the magical moments of the trip.